Is the Real Estate Market Bottom Here?

Nobody knows!  That’s right, nobody really knows when the bottom will hit as far as real estate prices.  The best way to see a change or a trend is to track the data.  For example, you may want to track the data in a certain zip code of interest to you.  Look for the number of active listings vs pending vs actual closed escrows.  Keep track of the number of bank owned, REO”s, properties vs short sales vs just regular sales.  If you track this information, along with list price vs actual sales price, you will begin to see trends.  If you have them on a line graph you will see them even more clearly as the graph lines begin to change directions.  Usually a 3-6 month trend will indicate a change in the market.  So you, along with the experts, will know when the bottom hit about 3-6 months after it hit.  That is just the way it is unless you have that magic ball we all are looking for.

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