Spring has Sprung and so should Home Sellers, off thier seats!

Finally, spring is hear and the sun is shining on the spring real estate market!  The Santa Clara Valley is in the best time of the year for sellers thinking of selling to get off thier seats and have thier local Realtor put thier home on the market.

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Why now?  Well, first many people get that feeling of a new beginning as spring settles in and the trees and flowers are blooming and popping out the new leaves.  We seem to get an itch to make a change and break out of the same routine we have been in all winter.  Tax time is here and many people will get the tax advise to get into a home and take advantage of the benefits  home-ownership provides.  Buyers come out of the woodwork and begin their hunt for their new beginnings and with the longer and warmer days we couldn’t ask for a better time to market homes for sale.  Statistics show that in a flat market the best time of the year to have the best probability of a solid price in a short amount of time will be in April, May and June.  Once school is out for summer vacations the focus becomes more on vacations and how to keep busy and most homeowners enjoy already being settled in their home so they can have those summertime parties and gatherings.

So if you are one of those sellers thinking about selling, call your local Realtor TODAY.

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