Foreclosures in San Jose/Silicon Valley

There seems to be a big window of opportunity for home buying in San Jose and throughout silicon valley due to the number of foreclosures.  For many future home owners that felt left on the sidelines during the real estate boom of a few years ago an opportunity to buy home has not been this good in the past 6-8 years.  The increasing  foreclosures have driven home prices downward and word has it that a second wave of foreclosures this summer will help keep prices low.  This along with historic low interest rates have made it a home buyers haven. 

Buyers, don not miss out on this opportunity to making home ownership a reality.  Speak with your Realtor and get all the information you need to be ready to get into the market and be able to get your offer accepted and close escrow on your future home.  There is no better time than to start today!