Buyers-Please do bother your Realtor!

The other day I was holding an open house for sale and welcoming the guests.  As I have done for many years I always like to ask a series of questions to find out first if it is a serious buyer or seller and second to see if they understand the process of  how a realtor helps and if they are currently working with a realtor.

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Most buyers answer that they are working with a realtor, great news.  What is surprising is that most don’t understand the process and that is the lack of our industry sitting down and educating the client as to what the protocal is for having a realtor represent a buyer and assist them in the proocess.  The is an edicate in the real estate industry that needs to be communicated at the first meeting with the buyer.  So for all you buyers that this information has not been passed on here is some basics.

Your realtor should be your exclusive agent to help you in locating homes, previewing homes if market time allows, and set up all showings appointments as well as accompany you at all times when seeing homes.  Too often I hear ” I don’t want to bother my realtor so that is why I am looking on my own”.  Guess what, that is why the realtor gets paid the big bucks-to show you homes based on what you have told your realtor of your needs.  If your realtor has given you the impression that you are bothering  them then you may want to find a realtor that has time to invest in one of  life’s biggest investments, buying a home.  Besides, a busy realtor has a team to help with the other details of our job so that the realtor can focus on the client’s real estate needs and showing them homes.  Can you imagine if a realtor just sat at the office and buyers just showed up on the day they want to make an offer and got paid .  I think the real estate industry would be flooded with people wanting an easy dollar.  Don’t get the wrong impession, realtors do earn thier keep.

Next is the phrase I hear quite often and that is, “I’m working with my relator but I want you to show me homes”.  I then follow up with the qualifing question of  “If I show you this home  and you want to buy it will you allow me to represent you and write up the offer?”  9 out of 10 buyers say they would have thier own agent write it up.  Proper real estate edicate is that if you are interested in seeing a home  call your realtor, isn’t that why you hired them.  You have to remember that realtor’s  time is valuable and they can better serve thier clients than someone who they just met and know nothing about thier needs.  Build your real estate relationship with your realtor by using them and asking questions along the process.

  Your realtor has to care and have the desire to help reach your real estate needs and you have to be respectful and loyal to your realtor for all the time and work they are spending and doing for you before they ever see a dollar.  Realtors need to explain the procedures to thier clients.  The more your realtor talks with you and shows you home, the more they will understand your true needs and be able to show you what you really want and can afford.  Save yourself time and heartache and call your realtor, they are there to take care of your real estate needs once you commit to eachother.  Make sure you understand the process as this will help with realtors better representing thier clients and not stepping on fellow realtor toes. You will get the most out of the home buying experience.  Happy buying!

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